Frequently Asked Questions

Which bank is used?
Access Bank SA is the sponsoring bank for the PayCard. The Card Management and Processing platform is owned and administrated by Flexpay. Access Bank SA enforces legislative rules and regulations.

What are the advantages and features of this card?

  • It’s a safer, faster and more economic payment mechanism for your employer
  • The ability to transact with the card anywhere where MasterCard is accepted or displayed at any ATM,
  • The card is supported by MasterCard and can be used at most retail outlets to purchase goods
  • The card has similar transaction features as Bank issued debit or Cheque cards
  • The card offers mobile banking, internet banking, use at POS and the ability to pay beneficiaries
  • Only require an ID book/passport & proof of residence. A valid work permit or asylum seeking documentation where required for card to be issued
  • Can have up to 4 cards linked to the same account – issue to your family
  • Money transferred from employer to employee is instant
  • Convenient usage: ATM withdrawals, POS purchases, Internet purchases, Mobile banking, Internet banking and cash back at selected outlets
  • SMS notifications on salary payments & notified on ALL debits – know your balance after every transaction
  • 24 Hour call centre assistance – no time off to wait in queues at Banks
  • Control spending – don’t draw ALL your cash, as you may spend it!
  • No garnishee or debit orders to take funds from salary payments
  • Use own bank account to save by using the EFT option to transfer funds
  • Highly competitive transaction fees
  • Stop orders can be created by the employees / card user
  • Pay accounts and buy airtime or electricity

How do I change this PIN number?
Phone the Call Centre on 011 207 1600 and select option 2, verify your identity and then follow the voice prompts to reset the PIN.

Why a PIN number?
Your PIN is a four-digit number that is used for authentication when you transact. You should memorise and keep secret. Do not write this number on your card or put it in your wallet or purse. You should protect your PayCard just like cash. Protect both your card and PIN and never keep them in the same place. Even without a PIN, your card is still valuable and should not be left with anyone else. Always keep your PIN secret and do not share your PIN with anyone else. We will never ask you for your PIN over the phone and we will never ask you to send us your PIN via an email. If you receive a telephone call or email from anyone that asks for your PIN, you should contact Customer Service immediately at 011 207 1600 / 011 695 3500.

Why am I asked personal questions?
These are for your security so that we can ensure that the correct person has the card when asking for assistance.

Who do I call when I have a PayCard query?
Please call Customer Service on 011 207 1600 / 011 695 3500. You will receive automated assistance, or you will be transferred to a Call Centre Agent should you prefer personal assistance. Any payment queries should be directed to your employer / program manager.

Where can I use the card?
At any ATM (Automated Teller Machine), at any retailer displaying the MasterCard logo and online to make purchases.

If I want to go to a bank branch, which one can I use?
Flexpay doesn’t have branches. All services are rendered via the Call Centre and your employer – you don’t have to go to a branch.

How do I use the card at an ATM?
You can withdraw cash and request an account balance at any ATM using your PIN. Enter card into ATM machine. Follow the on-screen prompts and ensure to keep your PIN safe. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY ASSISTANCE FROM ANYONE. When you are approached, cancel transaction and leave ATM.

What is the daily withdrawal limit on the card and what amount can be withdrawn at a time?
The MAXIMUM daily withdrawal limit can be set to R20000 per day (which can be updated via the online banking portal). The standard setting for a withdrawal is a R2000 per day.

What type of account do I select at an ATM and POS?
Select Cheque or Debit.

Will I receive a sms to confirm the withdrawal?
Yes, this is a standard setting when your card is issued.

When will my charges be deducted from my account?
The cost of a transaction e.g., withdrawal, swipe etc. is deducted immediately from your account. Therefore, the balance available on the account is a real-time amount. HOWEVER, when you want to draw on this balance you CANNOT draw the full balance, as the total draw PLUS charges (as reflected on the rates sheet)

Is there a minimum balance required on my account?

How do I use the card to purchase goods?
Swipe your card at the Point-of-Sale machine and type in your PIN number. Your card balance will automatically be reduced by the amount of the transaction and the fee. You may also be asked to sign the transaction slip. Remember to sign the back of your card immediately when you receive it. Your signature can also be used as verification.

How do I check my balance?

  1. Requesting a balance enquiry transaction at any ATM
  2. Via mobile banking – register for mobile banking (see your PayCard Welcome Pack)
  3. Calling Customer Service or accessing the automated telephone system at 011 207 1600
  4. You will get an SMS notification after every transaction
  5. SMS Balance to 31571

What is the cost of the transfer of funds to my own bank account?
R3,80 irrespective of the amount transferred – payments are set up via the internet banking platform and mobile banking. Please take note that an additional charge of R0,50 per OTP and R0,50 per SMS notification will be levied

How do I obtain a Card statement?

  • (You may set up a monthly service to receive your statement at R1,00 per month automatically to your email)
  • Phoning the Call Centre. The agent will e-mail the statement to you on request. Remember it will NOT be sent to you automatically each month
    Please take note there will be a charge applicable through the call centre
    30 days = Free
    60 days = R8.07
    90 days = R12.11
  • You can also log into to download a statement from your online banking portal (up to 3 months)

Can the card balance be overdrawn?
No, the balance on the card cannot be overdrawn. If the amount of your purchase or cash withdrawal is more than the balance on the card, the transaction will be declined. All balance information and transaction activity are updated in real-time and available immediately. Please remember that should you make use of an ATM if you have no funds available, the transaction fee can overdraw your card.

What happens if the card is lost or stolen?
Once you have reported the loss or theft, the card number will be cancelled, and you will not be able to use that card again. A new card will be issued to you by your Account Manager to replace the stolen or lost card You will have no risk of loss after you called the Call Centre to report a lost or stolen card. The value of any purchase or cash withdrawal made with your card before you report a lost or stolen card cannot be refunded.

Is there a replacement fee charged?
Yes – refer to your program manager (Card Express).

What happens if I leave the company or take another job?
The PayCard can continue to be used until the funds on the card are depleted, however from the end of November 2021 transactional services (you can load funds onto your account) will become available. Should you wish to activate this benefit please contact Card Express to send you a replacement card.

Can I deposit money onto my PayCard?
Yes, from 1 December 2021.

Can I use my PayCard before my salary/incentives are paid onto the card?
No. Card is only activated upon the first load.

What are the costs involved on this card?
Refer to your program manager. Should you have any queries, please contact the call centre on 011 207 1600 / 011 695 3500. Alternatively, please see the rates sheet (include hyperlink)

When will my card be retained at the ATM?
Stolen, Lost and Closed cards will be retained at the ATM if someone attempts to use your card. If an Invalid PIN is entered three times in a row, the ATM will retain the card, if your account balance is in a minus and you attempt to transact at the ATM it will retain your card, and a replacement fee is applicable.

Can I transact with my card inside any bank?
Yes, but at the bank’s discretion.

Experienced problems with a withdrawal at a Saswitch ATM. I phoned the Call Centre to report the problem and they could not assist me right away.
When an ATM is used, 6 entities are involved behind the scenes. The problems can emanate from any one of these. The call centre agent can only respond to one, being the card. Any additional information needs to be reported for further investigations.